Getting Comfortable at the Gym


Don’t get too Comfortable

The biggest mistake that people often make is that they go to the gym and look to find a level of comfort within their exercises. The problem that this creates is that comfort leads to no results. Going to the gym should not be taken as a leisurely activity that you do just for fun if you’re serious about getting gains and seeing results happen.

How it Happens

Having a set routine for each day at the gym is a great way to keep up with your goals and train the way that you need to. However, a huge issue with people is that they will often find comfort in this routine and not push themselves to change it whatsoever. For example if someone’s Monday happens to look like the following:

1. 15 Minutes of Stretching and Warm-ups

2. Bench flys for 15 reps

3. Flat Bench for 15 reps

4. Cable Flys for 15 reps

5. etc… then repeat 2 – 5 for 3x

That’s a short example of a typical “chest day” at the gym. The issue that happens for most people is they will find a weight that they are comfortable with and it feels good to them, so they get used to it and they get used to the routine. Not only is this mentally comfortable, your body gets used to it and doesn’t feel it needs to change. Set schedules are great, but they need variation as well to produce proper results.

How to Avoid Being Comfortable

The gym is there for you to do WORK. Change up your weekly routine to trick your body into working harder and growing properly for the appearance or strength that you need to achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to try new exercises or ask someone that’s at the gym that does something different each time you see them. Don’t forget, not everyone’s routine works for each person. You’ll need to find a routine (with plenty of variation) that works for you to start seeing the results you want. Don’t let the hard work that you put in at the gym every day, be for nothing!

Working out with proper nutrition and supplementation is key to reaching success, but it won’t cut it alone. Adding in variation to your routines and each exercise that you do will help drive your body to change into the way that you need it to. Don’t be afraid to try new things and see what works for you. Just make sure to never feel comfortable at the gym. You always want to work hard and feel challenged each day that you visit the gym!

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