Why Whey?

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Whey Protein

Protein comes in so many different forms, so why choose whey protein? Whey protein is one of the most popular forms of protein on the planet when it comes to fitness nutrition. The reason it’s so popular is because of all the important benefits that the body receives from this protein. Whey is produced when the curds are separated from making cheese from milk and the whey is left (the watery substance).

Health Benefits

Whey protein is highly beneficial to the body’s health in multiple ‘wheys’ (protein pun).

1. Whey Protein can Help Promote fat-loss – This is a lesser-known fact about whey. It can help curb appetite when taken before meals or taken as a meal replacement.

2. Immune System Support – There have been many studies shown that taking whey protein on a daily basis can drastically help improve the immune system over time. When athletes train strenuously, their levels of glutathione become reduced, which can lead to GI problems and nervous system problems. By taking whey protein, the body starts to create more glutathione, thus improving immune system health. Read more in-depth about a study that was taken by clicking HERE.

3. Strength Increase and Muscle Mass Growth – Protein is the building block of muscle growth. For a protein to be a protein, it has to contain at least 8 essential amino acids. While working out or even doing daily physical activities, the body burns calories and burns protein that your body needs. If the protein isn’t replaced, muscular atrophy will occur. When whey is taken after exercise (within 30 minutes of working out is the most crucial time to take protein) or just during the day, muscle wasting will not occur and muscle building will start to happen. With whey protein, lean muscle building will start to happen, rather than fat and muscle.

4. Reducing Levels of Stress – Another little-known fact about whey protein is that it can help reduce amounts of stress. Studies have shown that positive changes to serotonin levels in the brain will take place when taking whey protein. Read more into a study HERE.

5. Potential to Inhibit Cancer Growth – Also a cool and not well-known fact about whey protein. Studies have been shown that subjects taking whey protein have resistance to certain types of tumors, including prostate tumors and colon tumors as well. Check out some more information HERE. These are just a few of the MANY types of health benefits that your body can receive from taking WHEY protein. So whether you’re looking to get in shape or keep up your health, whey protein is the ‘whey’ to go!


Quality determines a HUGE factor in how your body absorbs valuable nutrients from a whey protein supplement. Unfortunately a lot of protein supplements out there are FULL of JUNK and contain protein, but a bunch of other ‘fillers’ or things that companies want you to believe will make you grow your muscles twice as fast as other protein supplements on the market. Well, the problem is, your body’s nutrient absorption will suffer when trying to take in all the extra garbage from these “super protein anabolic 6000!” style proteins. Stick to something that’s clean and lean.

We’ve taken a look at this issue and have come up with a solution. Hardcore Vitals’s Whey protein (available in Strawberry or Chocolate) isn’t loaded with this junk that makes promises of massive gains and the strength of Superman. What we produce is a good quality, no BS whey protein supplement. We’ve got essentially the basics in there, the whey protein concentrate and the flavoring without 20 million other things that promise you the world, but only cause your body to slow the absorption process down and have to filter out the garbage.

Now that you know about the ‘whey’ cool benefits (I’ll stop with the puns) of whey protein, you’re probably thinking, where can I get the best whey protein?! Simple solution, RIGHT THROUGH US! Visit our shop at www.hardcorevitals.com/shop and place your order today! Get your body moving and happy with the proper nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and look great!