The Lineup

HDR Lineup



Hardcore Vitals offers an amazing lineup of products to help you achieve your goals by providing you with superior sports nutrition and supplementation.


Whey Protein

Our super lean whey protein is designed to give you maximum muscle growth without gaining unwanted weight from fat. Check it out here:


Life Blood

Life Blood is a super powerful Nitric Oxide blend that gives you mind-blowing pumps and insane vascularity.

Check it out here:


Pure Creatine

Our Pure Creatine is just as it’s called; 100% PURE creatine monohydrate that gives you excellent muscle mass, super quick recovery and increased strength.

Check it out here:


Total Vitamin Formula

Our Total Vitamin Formula is a super multi-vitamin that packs a powerful punch of over 30 vitamins and minerals in one small package.

Check it out here:



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