Affiliate Program

Hardcore Vitals is currently offering an affiliate program that’s very easy to adhere to and easy to earn money from.


How it Works:

Our affiliate program is unique and unlike any other affiliate program there is today. Approved affiliates will be provided with a unique code that customers can use at checkout that includes a discounted percentage on goods. This code enables us to view how many customers that the affiliates brings to us. The affiliate will be provided with a certain percentage of the total sale amount and payments will be made directly to the affiliate through PayPal once the customer’s funds have cleared and they have received their order.


Plan Benefits:

The affiliate plan has three separate levels of growth that provide different pay scales:


Level 1: 

– All beginner affiliates start here.

– Level 1’s remain as a level 1 until reaching 100 sales leads.

– Base commission per sales lead is 5% of the total sale from the lead provided by them (excluding shipping and respective taxes).

Level 2:

– After 100 sales leads are generated by the affiliate, they will be notified via email that they have reached that goal and will be promoted to a level 2.

– Level 2’s remain as level 2’s until reaching 200 sales leads as the level 2 (the prior level 1 sales leads are not counted).

– Level 2’s will receive a 10% commission of the total sale from the lead provided by them (excluding shipping and respective taxes).

Level 3:

– After the 200 sales leads are reached at the level 2 level, the affiliate will be notified via email that they have reached that goal and will be promoted to a level 3.

– Level 3’s will receive a 15% commission of the total sale from the lead provided by them (excluding shipping and respective taxes.)

– If 500 or more sales leads are made by the affiliate at this level, a bonus (gift or monetary) will be provided to the affiliate.


Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Follow the following steps to start earning money with us!

Step 1: Send an email to with the word “affiliate” in the subject of the email.

Step 2: In the email, let us know that you are interested in joining us as an affiliate.

Step 3: In the email, please provide us with your full name and age as well.

Step 4: We will contact you within 24 hours to let you know if you have been accepted or denied into our affiliate program.


Upon Being Accepted

Once accepted into the affiliate program, please make sure that you have a valid PayPal account so that we can send you your commission. 

You will receive a unique code that you must provide to the potential customer that they will use at checkout to identify the sales lead came from you.

We encourage you to share your unique code and our website through various social media websites or any way that you would feel to be most effective.


Terms and Conditions

Consideration for the program:

– Hardcore Vitals LLC only accepts adults above the age of 18 to join the affiliate program.

– Affiliate candidates must only be from the United States of America and must legally reside here.

Payment Terms:

– The accepted affiliate will be paid per total sales generated from the lead (excluding respective taxes and shipping) based on a set and agreed upon commission-base, per level.

– Payment will be only made in the form of PayPal transactions.

– Payment is made within 48 hours of the customer receiving his or her order.

– Hardcore Vitals LLC is not responsible for the affiliate to comply to personal income taxation laws and the affiliate must report taxes on any wages earned on their own accord to comply with federal and state laws.

Other Terms:

– Hardcore Vitals LLC may end the affiliate program at any time with no reason being provided to those participating in the program, however a notification will be sent out to all participating affiliates if the program does end.

– Hardcore Vitals LLC may make changes to the program at any given time and expect the affiliate to adhere to any new proposed guidelines or methods aforementioned in a specified term of communication.

Program Usage and Rules:

– Affiliates providing their code to a customer or multiple customers through any means of communications is allowed.

– Bashing or slanderous comments made towards competitors (and their products), of Hardcore Vitals LLC is not allowed by the affiliate and will carry consequences (including immediate termination from the program) if reported. 

– Codes used multiple times from the same customer(s) will be allowed and counted towards sales-leads numbers and commissions.

– If the affiliate is no longer interested in the program, simply send an email to and explain that you no longer want to be part of the affiliate program.

– It is the responsibility of the affiliate to inform Hardcore Vitals LLC of any changes to their PayPal account where they want their payment sent. If no notification is received, no changes to payment transactions will be changed.

– For further questions, comments or concerns, please email