Whey Protein

Chocolate Protein

  • Increases Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improves Overall Strength
  • Improves Recovery Speed
  • Helps Shape Overall Physique

Whey Protein

Our Whey Protein is made from an advanced whey protein concentrate formula that is made to be very lean and provide your muscles with essential nutrients for explosive muscle growth. Our protein features a very low amount of carbohydrates and a very high amount of protein in each scoop. Protein is the building block of muscle growth and is essential to muscle function as well. Your daily diet should contain anywhere from 40 – 60 grams per day for an average person doing moderate activity. When you start bodybuilding or exercising intensely, your muscles require more protein to be properly fueled. Made with the purest ingredients, you’ll notice explosive muscle growth when taking it after each workout to give your muscles the nutrients and amino acids that they need to keep on growing.

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Our Whey Protein is very affordable at only $19.99 per 1.3lbs for a low carb / low calorie protein mix. Other proteins out there with similar specifications can run up to 3x as much per pound, but we’re here to provide you with the best quality there is for the most affordable price possible. It’s currently available in two great flavors, chocolate and strawberry. We suggest mixing it with water for the lowest amount of calories possible or mixing it with low fat almond milk for the best possible taste without compromising calories.


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