1 Sneaky Reason Why You Aren’t Seeing Results.

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Numerous times people tell me how they are tracking what they eat and don’t understand why they aren’t seeing results.

Many reasons can contribute to the lack of results, but my first suspicion is ones ability to count calories from all angles. 

Let’s discuss an example that actually occurs:

If you are on a “diet” or a calorie deficiency to lose body fat and still can’t seem to reach your goals; this may be why.


Let’s look at this Arizona can for example.  Harmless, right? I see people chugging these things down like it’s nothing. Here is the miscommunication from the eyes. If you spin the bottle around and look at the Nutrition Label you will notice that it says 90 calories.

Arizona Can

Without a little extra knowledge or awareness most people will think that the whole Arizona can is 90 calories, when actually the whole can contains 270 calories. That’s because the can equals 3 servings. So you take 90 and multiply it by 3 and BOOM; 270.

Servings Per Container

I am not saying Arizona’s will make you gain weight or delay your progress.  I am saying if you constantly mistaken the amount of calories that are in something, then that inaccurate data will create inaccurate results.

This mistake often happens with foods that have more than one serving.  How do you know if something has more than one serving? Look at the “servings per whatever” towards the top of the Nutrition Label.

There’s more!

Lets say you drink 3 of these a day. That’s 810 calories. It doesn’t matter how spread out they are, 3 will equal 810 calories.

Let’s say you drank 3 before the afternoon

….and are allotted 1400 calories. You now have 590 calories left. If you drink these earlier in the day, your chance of exceeding your limit is high. Why? Because drinking 3 before the afternoon, leaves you with 590 calories left to eat.  590 calories isn’t very much and can easily be reached.  You may even have had a 300 calorie breakfast, which means you actually have 290 calories left for the day. Your body will not see results with this kind of disorganization.  Even if you are happy with not eating all day for whatever reason, your body still demands a constant supply of energy.

1 Arizona equates to 3 cups of mixed veggies. Would you rather help your body with an Arizona or 3 cups of veggies? The point I’m trying to get across is that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to getting the results you want.  Results come from what you put in your body and it’s important to know your information. Thank you!

 Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100746221@N03/