3 Simple Rules to Lose Body Fat:

Pinching Fat

Calories, Exercising and Micro-Nutrients

1. Calories (macro-nutrients): Your body has a certain limit of calories it needs to function properly. It you eat up to your limit you will maintain the way you currently look. If you eat above the limit (bulking), you will grow. If you eat below the limit (cutting), you will shrink. You grow through gaining muscle mass or body fat. You shrink through losing body fat or muscle mass. Now you know how to Maintain, Grow, or Shrink through calories.

2. Exercising: The reason exercise is important is that it can increase your metabolism. How? It alters your BMR or (basal metabolic rate). BMR is basically how many calories you burn while doing nothing. If you increase your BMR, you increase the calories you burn while doing nothing. People with high metabolism already have a powerful BMR. If you combine eating below your limit while gradually decreasing your BMR, results will be astounding.

3. Micro-nutrients: Calories are just one area of Nutrition. What nutrients do your calories contain? That’s what I’m regarding. Calories are great, but if your calories are empty, you are restricting your body from receiving important micronutrients. (vitamins, minerals, etc) Micronutrients have many responsibilities; specifically for fat loss they help the body utilize calories more efficiently. Meaning they help break down the food into smaller molecules allowing the body to absorb them much easier. The easier your body can digest and absorb food the faster results will show. Eating calories packed with dense nutrients compared to blindly eating will help you maximize results.

Results come from putting in work. To create results you need to know what works. Eating below your BMR works to lose body fat. Exercising to decrease your BMR works to lose body fat. Consuming minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, water, and etc works to lose body fat. Trust the process and never give up!

-Hardcore Vitals

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nanofame/