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Cinnamon Fire Livewire Display Case (48 Chews)


Livewire Energy’s display cases feature 48 chews per case. Each case comes with 12 packs of 4 chews each. These cases turn into attractive, eye-catching display cases that don’t take up much shelf room. These are PERFECT for anyone who owns a store and wants to sell a quality impulse-buy product! These are also perfect for anyone that loves energy products loves to buy in bulk!


If you are a store owner and you’d like to setup an account to purchase multiple display cases, please contact for the best pricing possible.

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Product Description

LiveWire Energy chews contains a powerful blend of active ingredients and intense flavors. Upon popping a LiveWire Energy chew into your mouth, you’ll experience a rush of flavor. The fruit flavors are tangy and the chocolates are, well, chocolaty. Many energy products are not very tasty because typical “energy ingredients” are extremely bitter. Our proprietary formula combines a special blend of microencapsulated caffeine for “sustained-release” energy to improve your mental focus, even late in the game.

Each chew will dissolve in your mouth in about 45 seconds. You’ll begin feeling an increased sense of energy within a few minutes. An increased sense of energy is associated with an overall feeling of wellbeing and vitality. Morning, noon, or night, most of us could benefit from increased energy and alertness levels. Weather you’re an athlete, nurse, or student, LiveWire Energy is perfect for anyone needing a convenient and portable energy boost.

Plus, the “Go-Anywhere” size of LiveWire fits perfectly into your pocket, purse or backpack! 

LiveWire Energy: Chew it & Do it.”


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